Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Escape from your cubicle!

Escape from your cubicle!

An Internet poem

by Danny Howie Bloom ( WITH PICTURES!

Escape from your cubicle!

Yes, escape from your cubicle

get out into the world

into the sunlight

the starlight

the summer breeze

escape from your cubicle

by bolting out the door

taking the elevator down to the ground floor

as quickly as possible

get out of there!

don't wait for the closing bell

don't wait for five o'clock to come around

get out of your cubicle right now

do the right thing

and escape into the freedom

that awaits you outside the door

no more sitting down doing nothing

no more boring meetings

no more slow-moving lunch breaks

no more long commutes to work

get out of your cubicle right now

at the quickest possible moment

don't miss your chance to be free

run, don't walk

fly out that door!

make your escape at this very moment

-- mid-sentence!

-- mid-scrolldown!--

take this poem with you

as you run down the hall

happy as you'll ever be

happy as you'll ever be

is it a done deed?

Did you get out with your soul on fire?

Are you ready to do battle

with all the days of the rest of your life ?

when you can pursue the things

you always wanted to pursue

paint the pictures you always wanted to paint

visit those far-away places

you always wanted to visit

spend good times with the people

you love and admire

yes, if you've read this far,

try it!

right now!

escape from your cubicle

cut off all the ropes and strings

holding you back

and become one with the universe

free at last

free at last

Free from the confines of your confining cubicle



Escape from your cubicle

Forever ...
(or maybe just a day!)

--------------------------------------- (c) 2004-3005 Danny Howie Bloom

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